Memoir Stories


Dear Exceptional You,   Several years ago, I joined a Women’s Writing Workshop called, VOICES OF GRACE. In that workshop, we learned to write monologs and tell stories.  Here you will read a story about my life starting when I was in my 20’s and how one person made a difference in a powerful and […]

morbid obesity
Morbid Obesity

Morbid Obesity similar to Anorexia

Dear Exceptional You,  Morbid Obesity is a biological disorder and eating disorder as destructive as Anorexia. I’m updating my blog regarding my ongoing battle with this disease.  I will be writing as authentically as possible.  Maybe re-reading this blog will help you and me discover something new!  I hope you find the journey interesting.   Original post […]

Eating Disorders

Snowy Saturday of Bliss, Stupid Food

Today is a snowy Saturday morning. Fred and I postponed our departure for Fort Wayne. We are having a Harry Potter Marathon instead. The dog and cat are fighting for spots on our laps. A small cup of eggnog, a couple of cookies and barbecued meatballs fill our bellies while the critters whine for goodies […]