Amazing Little Miracle from the Tragic Earthquake in Haiti

Do you know how small the world really is?

I sit in the middle of the newsroom of the Kentucky Enquirer. I hear the reporter, Mark Hansel, talking about two men who went to help an orphanage in Haiti. It’s quite a story. I didn’t stop working to hear what he was telling our assistant editor, Dave. The next morning, the story was in the newspaper. There was the name of the minister I met when I was 15, Pastor Ernst Cassy. I wonder what he would think to speak to me now. Would he remember me?  I am afraid to find out.

Still, I worry about Pastor Cassy’s orphanage and the people I met there.  I have had the photo album of the trip I took as a frightened, strong headed teenager laying on my desk.

I looked at the photos and prayed for the children who were now adults, likely with their own families. I prayed for Ernie, the man who ran the orphanage. I couldn’t remember the name of the orphanage.  I searched for it on the Internet. I wonder what happened to the people there.

All I can do, like most of us here in the United States and the world, is pray. I donated money, sure. But the feeling of helplessness was too real. One thing I know for sure; prayer is a strong force. Maybe I couldn’t be in Haiti to help. Maybe I couldn’t remember the name of the orphanage or all the names of the children. But, God knows their names. God is there. When I am not physically present, I can be spiritually present. In my prayers, I prayed for the orphanage. Mark’s story tells about two men who God did have there to help. Men who were capable of doing what I could not.

I also find it an amazing little miracle that God would “connect these dots” for me while helping the children through these men.

These are the moments when I really cannot doubt that there is a being/power greater than myself who connects us as one. It’s really remarkable. Isn’t it?


Since I wrote this story, I found a website for The Good Shepherd Orphanage and a photo of Pastor Cassy.

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