Happy New Year 2010! Now, about those resolutions

Happy New Year 2010!  Now, about those resolutions. I like the sound of 2010. It’s a nice, even number. I hope the year is equal to its name. Nice and even – healthy, hopeful and happy.  May we enjoy the birth of new lives, with no loss this year. My prayer is that family, friends and everyone on the planet, really, experiences the fulfillment of dreams and that their goals are not cut short for lack of anything.


New Year Resolutions?


Now about those resolutions?  Let’s see, I’m 54.  I am resolved to turn 55, to be kinder to others, to be more patient, maybe even to be a little kinder to myself – oh that last one will be tough.  Realistic?  Hmmmmm.

Fred and I watched Charlie Brown the other night.  I’m struck by how Charles Schultz captures the essence of each of us in his characters.  We are all Charlie Brown, aren’t we?  I resolve to watch more Charlie Brown in 2010. I hadn’t seen that particular show since I was a kid.  It was a revelation.  Go figure, enlightenment through Charlie Brown!
Go Snoopy, go Snoopy!


Today we take the tree down.  It was a beautiful tree.  Fred decorated the whole thing. He is so talented. He could design trees for department stores.


As we begin the New Year:

May Angels watch over you all year ’round.
May the warmth of the light of heaven reside in your heart
May you know you are loved

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