September 25,2009 Trala! Fun news to tell

Our dear friend, Tina, came to take Fred and me out on some errands, since neither one of us can drive right now. First stop – Campbell County Clerk’s office to apply for our marriage license. Wow. It’s really happening. He signed his name. I signed mine. In 15 days, Pete Gosney will sign his name, Emily and Krista will sign theirs – and we’ll be official. The thought of being truly married to Fred takes my breath away.

My boss from the office called to tell me there are many changes afoot. They have decided to make the Kentucky obituaries a paid service where the directors will write them and submit them online. What this mean is that I will return to writing Good Things Happening and Feature Obituaries, plus support the reporters in writing briefs and rails. I’m excited about that. Being able to write again and be creative will be fun. I think I’ve learned even more in this year of not writing Good Things that I think I will be better at writing the column when I return. I’ll have my byline in the paper again too.

May I see a show of hands from all those who think I should hyphenate to Listermann-Strange or stay Listermann or become completely Strange? (oh the possibilities!)

ML Pester-Listermann-Strange

3 Replies to “September 25,2009 Trala! Fun news to tell

  1. Anonymous says:

    Girl…you've been completely strange as long as I've known you! :o) I'm happy it's all falling into place for you.


  2. Seeing it hyphenated actually looks pretty cool. I'd go with that.

  3. Listerman-Strange is a nice, fitting name with a true "ring" to it!

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