Saturday, Jan. 10 – Friends, acqaintances and memories

Something wonderful has been happening recently because of Facebook and Blogger. I’ve connected and reconnected with people who touched my life – yesterday – and many, many years ago.

These souls are blessings to me. They include my daughter and her husband, my nieces, Aunt Joan in Massachusetts, my “big” boss, Tom Callanin, the managing editor at the Enquirer, my youth group “kids”, long-time friends, other co-workers, and women and men I lived with at the House of the Carpenter. (The House of the Carpenter was a Christian community established in Clifton during the early 1970’s.) I’ve even connected with friends introduced through the House, like one of my roommates, Cheri Russell Eresman, Kevin Wolfe who I met through Cheri and many others. Getting acquainted and re-acquainted with these folks is quite fun.

Who knew our boss Tom Callanin was such a character? Every time he writes on the wall of Facebook, I laugh. I don’t work at the Elm Street office of the Enquirer, so I don’t see Mr. Callanin very often. Fred and I went to his home, along with about 100 others, for the annual holiday Shrimpfest, which was lots of fun. He and his wife are terrific hosts. But, that’s as much as I knew about him, until I started reading his quips. I’m trying to envision him in a Snuggy blanket, eating leftover meatballs. Too funny.

Kevin helped formalize my decision to get the lap band. He writes for a firm that produces these medical miracles. His knowledge and willingness to share has been beyond helpful. He’s a wonderful writer and I like reading what he has to say.

Reconnecting with Cheri has opened up a whole bunch of memories long pressed into the pages of my life. As I pull dried bits into the present, I am startled to find myself wondering even more, how did we survive our youth?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was, and am, so very glad to be reconnecting with you. I look forward to the “in person” part, because I think that’s where the healing really happens best for both of us. I did, and do, love you.


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