Monday, Jan 5, 2009 – beginning movement

It’s official, I’ve begun new adventure in movement.

The place is called Fast Track. The workout studio used to be called Inches-a-Weigh. A bariatric surgeon from Cincinnati purchased the studio from Inches-a-Weigh so his patients could begin moving and exercising in a safe, healthier way. I was surprised and pleased to learn this.

It’s one of those studios where the machines do the movement with you. The machines are much more sophisticated than they were back in the 70’s in the gym I belonged to then. I actually am a little sore from the workout, but its a good kind of sore.

There is an exercise physiologist who will monitor my workouts, a nutritionist to keep me on track, a nurse to keep our vitals and of course the doctor. I probably won’t see him since I have my own doctor. It’s just incredible that there is a place where I can go to work out next to people just like me.

I pray that I can keep the enthusiasm and momentum going. I’m ready.

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