Frederick M. Strange   Cold Spring, KY – If you have a tattered United States flag flying outside your business or home, you ought to get a new one. If you don’t, Frederick M. Strange’s beloved widow, Mary Luella (nee Pester Listermann) will be knocking on your door. The flag was a source of pride […]


52 Small Things from The Mighty

I discovered The Mighty by reading and watching videos of the positive activities of people who suffer from chronic illnesses and pain. Aside from the Erma Bombeck Tribe, this group is another Tribe of like-minded people who do not want their various illnesses and disabilities defining who they are as human beings. They find joy, […]

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Dear Exceptional You, Goodbyes are difficult.  I haven’t posted in a while due to unexpected deaths and an emergency surgery.  The tragic losses of two dear souls affected many people dear to me.  My heart aches. The emergency surgery was divine intervention. I was more than happy to say goodbye to the errant Lap Band that […]

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Dear Exceptional You,   Several years ago, I joined a Women’s Writing Workshop called, VOICES OF GRACE. In that workshop, we learned to write monologs and tell stories.  Here you will read a story about my life starting when I was in my 20’s and how one person made a difference in a powerful and […]

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Dear Exceptional You,   I discovered recently that I enjoy reading memoirs. People’s stories fascinate me. Learning about the internal thoughts and feelings about anything that happens throughout a person’s life intrigues me. I am an aspiring writer and have compiled some great books others who want to write. These books are inspirational to me. […]